Unfolded Presents: Wine is For You

A lot of people, including me once upon a time, are sure wine isn’t for them. It’s stuffy, complex, full of rules you’re breaking if you try to go a little nuts. Alternatively, you’re faced with an overwhelming market if mass produced garbage that tells you “this is what you’re worth, so drink it and line our pockets.” Well, as a food disciple, geek, and all around charming bisexual witch, I say NON to that shit!

My photography may be a hot mess, but it’s worth it to mash my love of food and toys into a bottle shit project where I can write tasting notes that ACTUALLY make people want to dive into the vast ocean of fun that is the weird and wild of wine (and sake)!

Tokubetsu Junmai that tastes like buying a very hot woman’s feet pics. Cru Beaujolais next to a pulp action figure with removable boobs. A description of natty syrah that both makes you want to time travel and ask deeper questions at the same time. Vin jaune that sounds like an orgy at Dragon Con.

Wine is for you. Especially if it’s for someone like me.

Words + photos by Stephanie Patrick, a wine, cheese, and sake professional in Atlanta, Georgia


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What are you passionate about? What’s the weird thing that, when someone happens to mention it, you can go off for hours? Is it 1900s shipwrecks? Is it discovering new restaurants? Is it quantitative analysis of superior cheese dip? Is it pedestrian plazas? Is it the average air speed velocity of a laden swallow? Let me know.

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