Work with a designer who is on your team.

Everything we do is a custom and unique solution for each individual client, with updates throughout the project and a collaborative feedback process. We want you to be thrilled with your final product, and feel like you’ve hit all of the goals you set out to achieve. We love to be involved with multiple stages of a project, from inception to launch, so we can help make recommendations along the way and provide a more whole-design approach.

That being said, here’s a small sampling of the types of work Sarah and her studio can do:

Branding/Identity Design

If you’re launching a new brand (or product), it needs to meet the world with the best face. You wouldn’t go to a party in the clothes you slept in, right? Let’s get your brand all ship-shape and ready to go.


From vector to handmade work, Sarah's style is pretty agnostic. This means we have a lot of different types of illustration styles we can do, and I bet one of them is exactly what you need. If we don’t have that specific skillset, I'll set you up with someone who does.

Interactive Exhibits

From the Analog Vending Machine to drawing collaborations, I love to do onsite activations. We can either use an idea you’ve seen on this website, or we can work together to create something brand new and exciting.

Web Design

We've have collaborated with all kinds of clients on web design projects – from simple portfolio sites to complicated ecommerce stores, we like to push the boundaries of what’s available and create a truly unique experience for your visitors.

Marketing Collateral

This one is such a big category, but it’s probably the stuff you think of when you think about graphic design – we’re talking booklets, catalogs, business cards, and everything in between.

Illustrated Maps

If you know Sarah's work, you probably know she loves maps – she even gave a talk at TEDx about mapping as infographic medium a few years ago.

Teaching Workshops

Sarah loves doing onsite lunch-and-learns with clients, and evening workshops over Zoom. This is a shot from the Design for Non-Designers class she teached at the Museum of Design in Atlanta.

Chat Bots

We love making little chatbots – from helping you with restaurant recommendations, to tracking orders, to telling jokes, this flexible little medium is great for anyone and much cheaper to produce than a traditional app.

Instagram AR Filters

Instagram opened up AR access to creators in August 2019, and people have been constantly outdoing each other on creative and wacky filters. Let’s see what we can make for your brand!


Video is rising in popularity, and a little bit of animated flair on your logo can go a long way, both on your website and on your social media accounts. Did you see the little animation at the top of this website when you got to this page?

Small Apps

Need a solution that doesn’t quite match any of these services? Something a little more dynamic? Let’s talk about it

Something else? Try me!

This is when Sarah did crafts on national television for Super Bowl weekend.

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