I’m an Artist in Residence at the Public Futures Art Lab, a collaboration between MARTA Artbound and Fulton County Arts & Culture. My residency runs from June 26–September 29th.


The problem I’m solving over 14 weeks is this, in a nutshell:

  • MARTA Artbound commissions and installs lots of public artwork, but usually in the busiest train stations where it can have the most eyeballs
  • However, this excludes folks who never come through these stations, and all of the transit riders who never even enter a station.
  • How can we, using the power of AI + technology, give people a way to co-create artwork, from anywhere in the system?

My plan, right now, is to:

  • Build a very simple app that asks users a few questions, and then adds their answers to a predetermined AI prompt
  • The artwork that is created from their words is then woven into a larger digital tapestry that can be viewed by anyone inside or outside of the transit system
  • This will all happen in real-time, so that people can see how answers and the corresponding artwork changes throughout the days, weeks, and months that this project will run.
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