Issue 05

July 2019


This is Issue 5 of Unfolded: a quarterly-ish publication celebrating passion projects and creativity.

  • Weird science by Kellie Vinal
  • A Good Dog Honorable Mentions considering this issue’s Good Dog of the Month isn’t exactly a dog
  • 10 Types of Guys You’ll Date in Atlanta by Emma LeMay
  • Crossword puzzles!
  • Custom playlist by Brett Miotti
  • Tiny Art reviews by Megan Schaeffer
  • The Cat Whisperer of Midtown East by Gabriella Baetti (art by Jonathan Splitlog)
  • Kombucha how-to by Maggie Devlin Wright (art by Pamela Barba)
  • An Ode to Hot Mush
  • Patterned wrapping paper by Katrina Snyder
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