Issue 02


This is Issue 2 of Unfolded: a quarterly-ish publication celebrating passion projects and creativity. I promise it’s really good.


• A springtime playlist from Alyssa DeHayes of Arrowhawk Records, featuring an Illustration by Meredith Anne White

• A cheese dip teardown by Natalia Montoya, pitting four restaurants against each other

• Bat Facts by Mike Lowery

• Plant Parenthood, a gardening column by Emma Weldon of Streetlamp Creative

• Portrait Mode, a comic by Jonathan Splitlog

• Akira, a comic by Lawson Chambers

• Fork | Spoon | Chopsticks – a restaurant review of Banshee by Tara Davies, featuring an illustration by Josh Lafayette

• An interview with a cool-ass person, Dana Balch

• RANDOSCOPES, horoscopes by Adam Wright and Elizabeth Allen

• Photo Illustrations by Richard Wade Morgan of @studiowade

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