AR Filters for Tiny Doors ATL

Summer 2022

AR Filters for Tiny Doors ATL

Tiny Doors ATL is the brainchild of artist Karen Anderson-Singer, installing doors and bringing delight since 2015. She has dozens of doors around the city, both in public and private spaces, and is a wonderful, inspirational asset to the city’s art scene.

I started making Instagram AR filters in 2020 when galleries and in-person spaces were shut down – I’ve always been interested in AR, but before Instagram incorporated them, you had to use a proprietary third-party app that had to be specifically downloaded, was often buggy, and had limited usability by non-tech-savvy folks. Instagram felt like a huge win for this medium, because let’s be real: most people have Instagram on their phones these days.

Tiny Doors also are a good candidate for these filters, since they react to ideally flat objects, like photographs, but they also work on gentle relief sculptures like tiny doors. Since they don’t open (on purpose), don’t change, they are a consistent surface that we can map AR to.

Karen and I have worked on nearly a dozen AR filters at this point, for private clients as well as large art organizations, and we love to try and push the boundaries of what is possible with this medium. Here are a handful of my favorites.

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