Report Generator Application

Spring 2020

Report Generator Application

The details of this project are protected by an NDA, so I’ll discuss this from a very high level with most specifics redacted.

It would be an understatement to say a cancer diagnosis can turn someone’s world completely upside down. They suddenly have to begin a harrowing, difficult journey through the medical system – from initial discovery, to attacking the malignant cells, to (hopefully) a road to recovery. During this process, many many drugs are tested against these cells to see which are most effective against a specific cancer (there is no one type of chemo drug – there are more than 100), and the reports often come back more terrifying than before. They’re impossible to read for a layman! Are these numbers good or bad?!

I worked with a healthcare startup to develop a web application to make it easier and more user-friendly for their nurses to quickly compile the test results from several different labs into one single report. They can quickly enter in information about the specific testing that was done, generate a profile, and then enter in the single number result from the test results. The app then plots that on a chart, ranks the drugs by most effective, and adds additional language about the continuum of care throughout the process. Working on this felt like such a huge win, and I was moved to be able to connect these dots.

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