Polly on the Avenue

Summer 2020

Polly on the Avenue

Polly the Potter is an Atlanta legend – making and selling pottery out of her Inman Park studio for 20 years, her pieces are durable, dishwasher-resistant, and full of life.

In the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, Atlanta art markets closed or rescheduled droves, restricting Polly’s income to limited private classes. She had a basic informational site that mostly listed upcoming markets (all canceled), and all of a sudden needed her online presence to do a whole lot more.

We worked together to build and launch an online shop that tried to capture the joy that Polly brings to her customers and friends in person. Jess Smith of Lady Flashback photographed hundreds of Polly’s pieces, got them lookin’ good, and I filled the site with illustrative touches that spark delight.

Visit Polly’s website >

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