OSCE's 25th Anniversary Update

Summer 2022

OSCE's 25th Anniversary Update

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE for short) has many directives, from Democratic Institutions and Human Rights to Parliamentary Assembly.

One in particular, the Representative on Freedom of the Media, is “mandated to observe media developments in the participating States and to advocate and promote full compliance with the Organization’s principles and commitments in respect of freedom of expression and free media.” I have worked with them in the past on the event design for their annual conference, the South East Europe Media Conference, and this time we worked together on a full rebrand for the Representative. RFoM’s work revolves entirely around the freedom of the media – from hate speech to media freedom. We designed this mark to reflect a common and damaging element of media freedom: censorship.

Learn more about the OSCE RFoM >

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