NPU Initiative

Spring 2019

NPU Initiative

We have spent the past year conducting historical research and meeting with key stakeholders, including elected NPU leadership, city council members, mayoral representatives, and community-based organizations. Over the next two years, the NPU Initiative will educate our fellow Atlanta residents about the history of community engagement in our city, analyze what is how engagement is happening today, and evaluate improvements to make it better in the future.

The next few months will continue to be focused on meeting with potential partners that can inform the work. The next phase of the NPU Initiative will involve a city-wide survey of Atlanta residents on how they engage with local government, including interactions with the NPU system. Simultaneously, the coalition will attend meetings and conduct a thorough assessment of all 25 NPUs, work with key stakeholders to gain deeper insight into community engagement challenges and opportunities, and develop and implement a city-wide education program of “NPU 101” events to educate Atlantans on the past and present of NPUs.

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