MARTA Army Bus Stop Census

Spring 2022

MARTA Army Bus Stop Census

The Metropolitation Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has over 3000 bus stops in the metro area, and so very many of them are in disarray, difficult for people to access and often a (literal) uphill battle to take the bus. MARTA Army, a third-party advocacy group, spent an entire year developing a rubric by which to measure these bus stops against each other, and then set out to photograph and grade as many as they could. After that, they crunched the data, reviewed the stats, and came out with a series of recommendations for MARTA and city officials to make this process more smooth.

I helped MARTA Army plan out and designed this report to be delivered to these officials as a playbook of sorts to explain the problem and relay the solution.

Read the report here >

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