The Future According to Hollywood

Fall 2014

The Future According to Hollywood

I love futuristic films. I love spacey films, fantasy stories, and things that dare to dream big. However, one of my favorite things within this genre is this: futuristic stories that are set in a time that is already in today’s past.

For example: In the original Back to the Future (1986) film, the Delorean arrives in October 21, 2015. They predicted hoverboards, space-age technology, and other neat things that surprisingly don’t exist yet. Soylent Green (1973) is set in 2022, the year I wrote this post. We are not eating our food as hockey pucks, and that food is definitely not made of people (I hope).

For this infographic, I looked at dozens of futuristic films and showed a timeline of when they were made and when they were set, to see how much of a predictive jump they made.

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