The National Hepatitis Profiles (N-HEPs)

Summer 2021

The National Hepatitis Profiles (N-HEPs)

In 2020, The Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination embarked on a huge project: to create profiles for every country and track their progress to elimination. This is a tricky ask: while there are some consistent high-level data points that every government can submit (prevalence, incidence, and mortality rates), there are also some wild variations – not every government tracks the exact same data over the exact same points of time, and so it’s very difficult to create any sort of generic template that CGHE could plug in over and over.

We worked over many months to develop a profile “template” that had flex, ability to grow and shrink, and was easy to translate into host country languages.

This project has been recognized by the WHO and other public health organizations.

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