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Winter 2020

Buy ATL Merch

The COVID-19 pandemic was brutal for restaurants around the country – they couldn’t open normally, staff was constantly sick, and remaining staff was at risk of becoming sick themselves. The already-small margins were shrinking, and quick. Writer Grap Chapman mused on twitter that a great way to support these locations (besides ordering takeout) would be to order their merch: tees, buttons, hats, gift baskets, whatever, but these were all so disparate and hard to find.

I spent time building and launching a new site called Buy ATL Merch (opens up in the fall for the holidays now), to gather and list all available merch from all open restaurants, hand-entered and manually linking back through to the original site to buy the product. This way, I don’t have to carry any merch myself and can easily send patrons to these places.

This project was covered in Eater, and added a few thousand clicks to these different restaurants to buy merch!

Visit Buy ATL Merch >

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