Designed by Sarah is a celebration of design and creativity, with new things coming out of my studio in addition to creative resources, spotlights, and cute animal gifs.

A typical newsletter usually includes:

  • Studio updates
  • Designy resources
  • Cute animal GIFs
  • Workshops that look cool
  • Bad puns
  • A few tyops
  • Free stuff
  • Shout outs
  • More animal GIFs

What kinds of things would you like to hear about? Choose as many as you'd like.

“[This is] fun, informative, full of good ideas!”

“A nice break in my day--liked the penguin and cool website referrals.”

“The variety and quirkiness. I loved the sun bear intermission!”

“Your stuff is always good. You always bring up interesting things which I ending up passing along.”

“I like your writing tone. and how you get so excited to learn things.”

“You are so talented! Your work is so lively and colorful but still so specific to your clients.”

“Overall good flow-y email, nothing too content-intense. Easy read for a Friday. Good link. Super excited for the new book. Just ordered.”

“It is inspiring to see your work across so many facets of creativity & design. People keep telling me to "niche down" and I persistently keep doing ALL of the things.”

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