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Music Festival Schedule Temporary Tattoos

As of July 2014, I’ve been to four major music festivals in my life. I know this isn’t a ton, but I’ve already experienced my share of the heat, the rain, the walking, the sweating, and the dancing. I’m a schedule person—I like to know when to be where, and who I’m seeing. Festivals usually give out paper brochures or booklets that let you keep track of your weekend, but what if they get soggy and wet in the torrential downpour of Shaky Knees 2014? What if you keep your schedule in your phone and the phone dies?

I present to you:

Music Festival Schedule Temporary Tattoos!

Music Festival Schedule Temporary Tattoos

This mockup was made with an abbreviated schedule from Bonnaroo 2014, and yes, I did actually make these.

I would love to keep my schedule in a place immune to the elements, and resistant to fumbling around in my bag. Let’s say you could buy temporary tattoo sheets with all the bands, times, and locations already in rows, and then cut them out to assemble your ideal day.

Music Festival Schedule Temporary Tattoos

Simply cut out your top picks, lay them on your arm in order (probably the most complicated part), and hold a wet washcloth on for thirty seconds. This is easy to do in your tent, or in the car on the way to the festival. Want to do the whole festival in one go? Stick ’em on your knees, on your other arm, on a friend (but don’t lose the friend).

Music Festival Schedule Temporary Tattoos

Peel off the paper backing, and there you have it: a fool proof way to make sure you never miss another show.

Music Festival Schedule Temporary TattoosBest part is that these schedule tattoos are totally temporary. You can quickly remove them and be ready for the next day with baby oil.

What do you think? Would you wear them?

Update: Here’s what they might look like if we did make them for, say, Bonnaroo:



29 thoughts on “Music Festival Schedule Temporary Tattoos”

  1. This is a fantastic idea. I think if word got out, a lot of people would be interested in buying/making these.

    How did you get the temporary tattoos? Is that something a layman can print for himself?

  2. Richard Morgan

    In a world where temp tattoos are coming back just in the aesthetic sense with the likes of Tattly and other companies, this is taking the next step and making something useful to go along with the fun! Really handy if you sweat your butt off at festivals too!

  3. Darcy Ujjainwalla

    I’m just gonna throw this out there – but don’t 99.99% of people have their smart phones at music festivals? How else would they record the entire performance of that band that they love? – Even though there is already a guy with a $6,000+ camera doing the same thing and from a much better angle, but I digress.

    With how easy it is to throw up a responsive website with responsive calendar, music festivals have no excuses for why they don’t have a schedule that people can check out on their phones – or even download.

    1. Ugh. You’re going to the wrong festivals if everyone has their smart phone. Coachella, Bonnaroo, Wakarusa….blah..find you some REAL grass roots festivals.and there won’t be a phone in sight. Promise (been doing this for years and year on the production and performance side)

  4. Seems like everyone uses their smartphones at festivals and they all seem to be working just fine throughout the entire festival. If battery is really a concern, how about an inexpensive external charger that can replenish your charge several times? Under $25, and no tattoo prep and application needed. Or, print out your desired schedule, and put it in a ziplock bag in your pocket. You wear cargo pants to these festivals, don’t you?

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  10. Awesome! Now someone needs to invent a way to tell the time right from your wrist so I don’t need to take my phone out to see if its time to watch my favourite band!

  11. My question is if the temp tattoos can stand up to all the sweat (from your body & that of everyone around you who you invariably bump into). But totally going to give this a whirl.

  12. I love this! Things get a bit confusing at Burn with the time, the stage, the street which is actually a time itself. So I was writing on myself with a sharpie every evening to keep it straight.

  13. Rodney Matthews

    Hi there. Just wondering if you could make some festival line-up timetable temporary tattoos for me if you maybe still do this. I love in Northern Ireland but am going to a festival in Madrid, Spain around the 12th of July – the festivals called Mad Cool festival and the timetables with set times are already out and on the likes of Facebook. Just saw your post in relation to this; bit random; but I would be interested and will pay if you would be able to accommodate this *(if it’s something you can do rather than just a concept) Any help would be really massively appreciated, thank you 🙂

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