Pro Bono Design Clinic

Hey there! I love working with small businesses and nonprofits on reduced-rate and pro bono projects, and I’m starting to devote more time for this. If you have an organization that you think would be a good fit for a clinic like this, please fill out the form below and let me know.

Or a link to where I can find you online.
This offer isn't limited to nonprofits, but I do need to know.
This is roughly based on a business life cycle model – choose the closest answer.
Let me know about your organization's values and what you want to ultimately be and do.
If they have websites, please include their URLs
Is it you? A CEO?
For example, your team or a board of directors.
No is fine - be honest here.
Think about this in terms of specific projects: do you need design for a pledge drive? A new website? An organization rebrand?
For example, are you waiting for a study to be completed? Are you waiting on content from an outside source?
For example, if we design physical pieces like collateral or a website, there are non-negotiable costs like printing or web hosting.
Please type your name.