Learn to “talk the talk” with designers, art directors and creative professionals. If you’ve ever found yourself asking, “Dots per what?” or “Do I look like I know what a jay-peg is?” — we can help. This class covers the basics from understanding logos and choosing typefaces to figuring out file types and building a visual brand. Learn to ask the right questions, so you can work with designers and manage the creative output in your small (or not-so-small) business. 

Here’s an overview of the topics we cover:

Most people have a good eye for color, but have a hard time picking their own palettes. We’ll learn the basics of how to choose colors that work well together, and how a tint or a shade works. We’ll build on this knowledge by learning about CMYK and RGB color spaces, as well as HEX colors and codes. 

Let’s talk type. Is it a font or a typeface? What’s that little dangly bit at the bottom of a g? Type anatomy is complex and very niche, but we’ll learn some of the basics that will help you communicate. Most importantly, we’ll learn about font licensing. Did you know you might need to buy a license for your brand fonts? We’ll show you how. 

JPG, SVG, LOL? What’s the difference between an EPS and a PNG, and why do you need both for your brand? We’ll talk about image resolution and why can’t you blow up a thumbnail into a billboard. We’ll even talk about converting file types efficiently, not just changing the filename. 

In this class, we’ll help you pick the program that’s right for you. It’s not a tutorial about how to use these programs, instead you’ll learn the differences between them. Plus, we’ve got tips and (actually affordable) tools for photo editing and basic design. We’re big fans of freebies. 

After this class, you’ll be ready to ask a developer for help. We’ll cover digital design basics: the difference between domains and hosting, what a registrar is, and some common error notifications. We’ll spend a lot of time going over the various DIY web platforms (like Wix and Squarespace) you can use when starting your business. Don’t worry, no coding skills needed. 

Using colors, typography, photography, and storytelling to create one well-rounded brand. How do brand buzzwords translate to the real, daily workings of your business? This class brings it all together with topics like: how to build your brand’s look and voice, how to implement it consistently over time, how to create and follow brand guidelines. 

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