Today we start our first design challenge. I’m really excited to do this, because it will teach you skills that will be super beneficial in the future, and expand your world as a designer. Want to make a looping GIF of something from an awards show, a music video, or a snapchat? You’ll be able to. Want to make some big flashing text to tell your roommate to do the dishes? You can now. 

So, here’s the assignment: Make an Animated GIF.


Today is broken up into four parts:


I’m including some links with directions. There are a ton of different ways to do it, so figure out which works best for you. 




Familiarize yourself with the animations panel and turning on/off layers for effects. Also, get comfortable with exporting files as animations (through the Save for Web panel, which you’ve already used). Keep in mind that the smaller a GIF is, the better it will show up on the internet. Make a simple GIF, upload it to Imgur, and send me the link so I know you’re on the right track.



Make a text animation with frames. It can be simple, but it needs to demonstrate you know what you’re doing. Here’s a gallery of some I like for inspiration, but they’re pretty advanced (some are done with After Effects). 



Make an illustrated animation. Here’s a gallery of some good examples, some are very simple, and some are more advanced, but these are good things to aspire to. Some of them are basically illustrated cinemagraphs, which are incredibly advanced, but we can tackle later if you’d like. 



Make a looping GIF video. There are directions in the links above, and erm, examples are everywhere. Try something easy at first, and then try to figure out how to make it loop more seamlessly. My favorite things to play with for this are movies and literally anything involving TuNe-YaRds


5pm: Put everything you’ve worked on for the day in an Imgur gallery, and send it to me. Voila! 

Happy GIF-ing!

And by the way, it’s GIF. With a guh-sound.