ShopDop • January 26, 2016

My boyfriend and I have grocery shopping down to a science. We use a synced list in iOS Reminders to share things we need to get at the store, and the next person to stop by can grab the items from the list. When we get ready for a beginning-of-week shop we spend the afternoon on Sundays meal planning, making lists, and organizing the master list by section of the store (to cut down on time). We also cross-reference our list with the Kroger weekly deals pamphlet they post in the store.

Currently, there isn’t a grocery app that can do all of this – there are some, like Grocery IQ, that allows you to make lists and organize them by section. Pantry Manager allows you to add items to your grocery list by scanning the barcodes in your pantry, and Shopping Pro allows you to make different grocery lists depending on what you’re buying for. Why should three apps do the work of what one can do?

I completed a UX bootcamp at General Assembly in December 2015 and sketched out a wireframe for my ideal shopping app (shown above). What if you could cross-reference your shopping list by what’s in stock, and see alternatives when your item isn’t in the store? IKEA currently offers something close to this on their site – you can at least know when something is likely or unlikely to be there.

This Marvel prototype is simple for sure, but was a lot of fun to make. Have fun clicking around!