May 23, 2014

Movie Posters as Animated Neon Signs

Movie Posters as Animated Neon Signs

While researching for some side projects, I came across these animated neon signs from last December (created by Michael Whaite). An commenter on Imgur pointed out that a lot of these wouldn’t make functioning neon signs in real life, because the tubes would cross, but I like how these posters still keep the same aesthetic.


Fun fact: Fluorescent lighting is actually a series of glass tubes with different gases inside—when electricity moves through the gases, they excite and move faster in the tube, showing a bright color. Neon is just another gas that’s part of the equation, not all of them have neon, and in some cases there’s none (source: my amazing 9th grade Physics teacher). The colors produced are actually the result of a combination of Argon, inert gases, and occasionally a drop of Mercury.








































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One thought on “Movie Posters as Animated Neon Signs

  1. Thank you Sarah – glad you like them!

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