August 20, 2014

Inspiration Tuesday: Digital Collage

Inspiration Tuesday: Digital Collage

I was totally a collager as a kid—cutting up magazines and glueing image over image, usually reconstructing new shapes in the process. There was always a method to my madness, I’d put together chunks of sentences to make new, nonsensical ones. I added someone’s legs to another person’s torso, creating an exquisite corpse in the process. They were weird, and I loved them.

Now that I’ve moved several times, I can’t keep my huge stacks of magazines around. It’s all digital now, made in Photoshop with folders on my desktop and a Pinterest. I still love digital collage, though—you can finesse the images in a way you couldn’t with craft scissors and stick glue. Here are some of my favorites:
7d0600300bmatt-2.png markweaver 1281206215477_VynCla5o_l digital-collage-32 Sinead-Leonard-1-460x650 Digital-Collage-by-Willian-Santiago-1435476 b2328ee4541548fd72f53dd76e8c2128-d55h4b5 Jenya_Vyguzov_mixed_collage_trends_10

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday: Digital Collage

  1. Cooper says:

    these are super tight. I was looking for some collage inspirations and these are perfect.

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