December 11, 2014

Inspiration Fridays: Paper Quilling

Inspiration Fridays: Paper Quilling

Paper quilling is such a crazy, amazing little medium—it must take hours to make every piece, and they’re so fragile and delicate. Instead of trying to do it myself, here’s a round up of my favorite examples.



Image via cutiameacuvise



Image via Yulia Brodskaya


Image via Yulia Brodskaya paper-quilling-the-best

Image via Yulia Brodskaya paper-quilling-thrifty-christmas

Image via Yulia Brodskaya



Quilled D by Sabeena Karnik



Image via OrnamentHouse

And some more simple, beginner versions:


Image via Chica and Jo


Image via Meghan Davis


Tutorials here, here, and here


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