October 18, 2014

Inspiration: Halloween Face Paint

Inspiration: Halloween Face Paint

I like painting my face as a halloween costume for two reasons: Firstly, it’s fun to have a face that looks almost like my face, but makes people do a double take (like, it’s not obviously a mask). Secondly, I spent a long time in 2009 making a detailed and cute outfit for a marionette costume, and I want to keep wearing it.



But, what will I do this year? Help me decide!


1. Zombie Make-up from Redditor Specialxk


2. Ghoulish smile from ??


3. Dual face from Alexander Khokhlov


4. Pop art girl by ??


5. Pop art girl by the “Best Halloween Blog”?


6. Creepy ventriloquist by Emily Cromarty


7. Alice in Wonderland? From Instagram user vannaaaaxo


8. This weird composite image, more specifically the nutcracker at the bottom


9. Leviathan from Reddit user pygoscelis


10. SAW face by ??

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