March 3, 2017

Directory of Creative Women to Hire

Directory of Creative Women to Hire

I’m inspired every single day to know some of the most talented creatives out there, and I believe in hiring and working with friends (or building friendships in the process). This is a list in progress to start from when you’re looking for talent for a new project. Reach out to me here if you want to join the list, or want more information about some of the folks below.

Elaine Elliott Website

Christine Fitzgerald Website

Galen Rebecca Crawley Website

Rachel Ward Website

Ashley Leckwold Website

Candice Rose Website

Abigale Writes Website

Miranda Writes Website

Elizabeth Stump Website

Madeline Cronin Website

Kerstin Hern Website

Alexandra Shimalla Website

Sarah Gormley Photography Website

Ashley Eberlein Website

Hannah Lake Website

Diana Ascarrunz Website

Ashley White Website

Haley Wetherington Website

Gianna Keiko Rankart Website

Hillary Harmon Website

Andrea Young Website

Abigail Daniell Website

Erika Eveleth Website

Camille Victoria Website

Lindsey Max Website

Sarah Dunn Website

Lize-Anne Bonhomme Website

Hannah Michelle Website

Katrina Marii Website

Kelly Embry Website

Brittany Wages Website

Tide and Timber Website

SylverLight Photography Website

Parker Sealy Website

Cinthya Zuniga Photo Website

Vania Photo Studio Website

Greta (From the Hip Atlanta) Website

Christy Parry Website

Sara Mohr Website

Maggie Clark Website

Bailey Flores Website

Brynne Zaniboni Website

Allison Hade (AMH Images) Website

Lindsy Carrasquillo Website

Edwina Hay Website

Vexx Versailles (Vexx In Space) Website

Molly Hudelson Website

Danielle Hyland Website

Taylor Nettnin Website

Maryam Ragheb Website

Ana Massard Website

Jennifer Devereaux Website

Kelsey Thomas Website

Mackenzie Baker Website

Bianca Glade Website

Jenny Cimino Website

Sarah Lashinsky Website

Kirsten Gross Website

Kara Queen Website

Krista Jones Website

Faye Website

Masha Kouznetsova Website

Brittany Luiz Website

Meredith Anne White Website

Catherine Moore Website

Lydia Lichtenberger (Paper Phoenix Designs) Website

Erin McManness (Paper Raven Co) Website

Haley Wetherington Website

Tatum Lewis Vimeo

Hayley Stevens Demo Reel

Kelsey Cherry Facebook

Genevieve Pedulla Website

Natasha Humphries Website

Milestones Website

Shea Lord Website



Liz Shinn Website

Hilary Ament Website

Aurorah Yarberry Website

Kathryn Colohan Website

Kristina Oleski Website

Julie Watson Website

Abby Bleakney Website

Sarah Duff (Duff Media) Website

Carrie Taylor Website

Katie Bryl Website

Mackenzie Fink Website

Megan Siobhan Robertson Website

Angie Webb Website

Hannah Yu Website

Michelle Bird Website

Crista Balderrama Website

Traci with an Eye Website

Zoë  Cato Website

Linda McNeil Website

Monique Doron Website

Emily Yu (Em Grey) Website

AnnaKate Auten Website

Brittany’s Cake Creations Website

Cult Carts Website

Purple Martin Interiors Website

Jayme Long Website

Ashlenn Cree Website

Becca Bussert Website

Hannah Johnson Website

Brittani Bumb (Untitled Thoughts) Website

Emily Rose (Emily Rose Coiffure) Website

Flora Pop Website

Cinema Jubilee Website

Gertie Mae’s Floristry Website

Nicole Kang Website

Marcy Starz Website

Erin Palovick Website

Chiara von der Goltz Website

Jessica Schulman Website

Rachel Wade Art Website

Christina Collandra Website

Rhys May Etsy

Mallory Hazen Website

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  1. Mackenzie says:

    Thank you so much for this!

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