Very excited to be hiring a (paid) studio intern this year!

Skills I’m looking for:

Adobe Creative Cloud



What you’ll learn:

Project Management

Client Management

Basic Accounting

Other notes:

In office, West End neighborhood

Work schedule negotiable

Must bring your laptop!

I’m not going to ask for your resume and cover letter. Instead, please fill out this questionnaire:

I want to get a better idea of who you are and what you’re about, something I don’t think resumes and formal cover letters tend to convey. Every question is required, but seriously, don’t sweat each one.

I’ll respond to every application that comes through, whether you receive the internship or  not – if you take the time to fill this out, I will take the time to reply to you.

When did you graduate? Are you still in school? Are you self-taught? How'd you self-teach? Anything else?
Portfolio, Instagram, Dropbox, etc
More "creative director at a public health agency" than "lead designer for the Lakers and married to x celebrity"
Sometimes I do outdoor public art projects – you may be asked to help.
Something you do that is not design
I will count!