January 15, 2018

How to Build Your Own Snack Stadium

How to Build Your Own Snack Stadium

I have this funny stadium-shaped dish I found at a Goodwill a few years ago and only break it out for the rare occasions when I am a. watching football and b. am excited enough to make snacks. When I brought it over to Rachel’s for the game last week, she told me about snack stadiums. With the Super Bowl coming up, I knew I wanted to make my own.

SnackBenz is based on Atlanta’s new Mercedez-Benz Stadium. I built the project on a 20×30″ piece of foam core I bought from the dollar store (with two extra pieces for the walls).

Here’s the diagram of how I laid out the walls on the foam core. Each box is a 1×1″ square.

I had to dust off my Pythagorean Theorum to figure out the dimensions of the corner pieces and the interior.

I ended up taking it way farther and customizing it myself to add the Mercedez-Benz logos, the 360 degree screen they have inside the stadium, and paint the grass in the field. I’m pumped to line it with aluminum foil in a few weeks and fill it with treats!

You still have plenty of time if you want to try making your own Snack Stadium before the Super Bowl! I kept track of my piece sizes and also since I ruined a lot of foam core trying to build this for the first time, I included an ideal layout on the foam core boards.

As one of the final touches, I made printouts of some little foam fingers (premade cupcake toppers exist but it seemed like a wild goose chase to find them), cut them out, and folded them with double-sided tape around a toothpick). If you want to make your own, here’s a free little downloadable!

If you use this guide to make your own snack stadium, I’d love to see!

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