• Handmade Pasta: My Skillshare Class is Live!
    27/02/15 Conceptual , Cooking , Experimental , Food , Uncategorized # , ,

    Handmade Pasta: My Skillshare Class is Live!


    Finally, my dream of being an instructor on Skillshare has come true! Last weekend I wrote, filmed, performed in, and edited my very own twenty-minute class on how to make, you guessed it, handmade pasta. I used two DSLR cameras and my iPhone as a mic, placed out of frame and then synced up the audio later. Continue reading

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  • Fresh Eats Food Shuttle—Redefining Food Deserts
    22/01/15 Blog , Branding , Conceptual , Experimental

    Fresh Eats Food Shuttle—Redefining Food Deserts

    Just nearly a year ago I went to see Jon Fasman from The Economist speak in Atlanta about “why it’s expensive to be poor“, and he spoke specifically about food deserts. This was a concept I’d never heard of before—in nutshell, a food desert is an area of a city or town where the residents don’t have reasonable access to fresh meat and produce. Specifically, they live in a region that is more than one mile away from a grocery store. Usually, these residents only have access to crappy mini marts with Honey Buns and Twinkies as their sustenance. They can’t call Uber (and even if they can, a $15 trip is precious cash to a low income family), and when they do make the trek to a grocery store, it takes several hours of grueling transit that could be spent doing other things.

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  • Trying out the Tube Pasta Machine
    12/01/15 Blog , Food # , , ,

    Trying out the Tube Pasta Machine

    I finally got to take my new Christmas present for a ride this weekend (after a very scary trip to the emergency vet with my dog), and make some tube pasta—that’s right, penne, rigatoni, buccatini, the works. Whenever I’m trying out a new tool, I like to find YouTube videos of someone else using the thing first. I learn little nuances of using the machine without having to tinker with it myself, and I have a better idea of how it should work. Surprisingly, considering this is the internet, I couldn’t find any videos of people using this specific machine—I think I may have to make my own!

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  • Guest Post: Ryan Splitlog’s Best of 2014
    30/12/14 Blog # ,

    Guest Post: Ryan Splitlog’s Best of 2014

    2015 is just around the corner. Before we start promising ourselves to start going to the gym, to start eating more vegetables, and to start living our lives differently, it’s also fun to look back on the people we were the past year.

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  • Inspiration Fridays: Paper Quilling
    11/12/14 Blog , Branding , Conceptual , Experimental , Inspiration

    Inspiration Fridays: Paper Quilling

    Paper quilling is such a crazy, amazing little medium—it must take hours to make every piece, and they’re so fragile and delicate. Instead of trying to do it myself, here’s a round up of my favorite examples.

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  • Insights from Career Day
    07/12/14 Blog

    Insights from Career Day

    Last week I was invited to be a career day motivational speaker for my old high school, Henry W. Grady High School here in Atlanta. It’s kind of an odd ball place, being an inner-city public school. The income levels of the students’ families range from millionaires to impoverished; some students I had class with were homeless. I was ethnically in the minority at Grady, which taught me a lot about accepting and learning about others.

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  • Falling into Asheville, for a Second Time
    11/11/14 Blog , Travel # , , ,

    Falling into Asheville, for a Second Time

    Asheville in the fall is seriously the best place to be—at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, huddled around a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate, roasting marshmallows. Something about Asheville just screams (or rather, quietly whispers) Fleet Foxes and flannel. Ryan and I were actually visiting around this time in 2013, and last week we felt the pull to return. I can really see Caroline loving this place.

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  • CMJ 2014, in Selfies
    27/10/14 Blog , Travel

    CMJ 2014, in Selfies

    I just spent the week in New York for the CMJ (College Music Journal) 2014 Music Marathon—I actually went back in 2011 with Caroline, but this time I was able to go see bands and friends and explore the city in between. My mom got a smartphone a month ago and learned what a selfie was a week ago, so she asked me to send her selfies of the trip.

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  • Inspiration: Halloween Face Paint
    18/10/14 Blog , Inspiration

    Inspiration: Halloween Face Paint

    I like painting my face as a halloween costume for two reasons: Firstly, it’s fun to have a face that looks almost like my face, but makes people do a double take (like, it’s not obviously a mask). Secondly, I spent a long time in 2009 making a detailed and cute outfit for a marionette costume, and I want to keep wearing it.

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  • Telepresence Robots: A Love Story
    16/10/14 Blog

    Telepresence Robots: A Love Story

    So, Apple sells these telepresence robots now—it’s basically an iPad with Skype, mounted on a tiny Segway. One of the art directors from IBM who spoke at Hopscotch Design fest said they started using these to coordinate with members of their team in different cities and countries, since IBM is a global company. I know it really is a useful tool, but it’s also just so…. absurd. Like what if these were how you communicated with all your coworkers? I keep seeing this joke on sitcoms, bringing people into a situation on an iPad, but come on. Is this real?

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