• Learn Sign Painting With These Resources
    06/07/15 Blog , Inspiration , Lettering

    Learn Sign Painting With These Resources

    I’ve been hunting around, trying to learn more about sign painting.

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  • Building a Pallet Table by Hand
    02/07/15 Blog

    Building a Pallet Table by Hand

    When we moved into our current house, it came with this rustic wooden table in the backyard—I loved it; we could fit many people around the table and used it in various cookouts. Over a couple months, it began to sag on its legs through rainstorms, icy cold and blistering hot weather, and about a month ago, was totally on the ground.

    We left it there for awhile, as a testament. At one point I lifted it up and realized it had killed all of the grass underneath, so we quickly shoved it to the side of the yard. But, what now? What will we eat on outside during the summer?

    Enter the pallet table—last Sunday morning I got a Craigslist email alert saying there were several pallets nearby us, and so we took Ryan’s truck and hustled over to grab them. There were four.

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  • The Paste Parlour Dinner Series
    19/06/15 Blog , Lettering , Paste Magazine

    The Paste Parlour Dinner Series

    Back at the beginning of May, I was in Chicago for the HOW Design Live conference. It was amazing — I’d never been to the conference before, and have always wanted to go. I got to see some of my favorite, most inspiring designers speak up close, and was totally in awe.

    During the week, we put on a dinner party series at Ada Street where we invited several design influencers who were in town for HOW Design. We talked about print vs digital design, advice for young designers, and the importance of side projects. I led the conversation and did all of the hand lettering for the title cards and lower thirds.

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  • How to Build a DIY Vertical Garden
    07/06/15 Blog , Food

    How to Build a DIY Vertical Garden

    Vertical gardens, really? This weekend I went on the Modern Architecture tour of homes here in Atlanta—after the 6th or 7th house, they were starting to look pretty identical; sharp angles, grayish colors, stone floors, and lots of glass. One feature caught my attention, however—so many of them had vertical gardens or living roofs. I was jealous. Why should these people have them and not me? Sure, they probably hired a landscaper to make the most perfect garden, but, I can have this too if I make it myself.

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  • Teaching Pasta Classes at Preserving Place
    11/05/15 Blog , Food

    Teaching Pasta Classes at Preserving Place

    I recently taught my very first pasta-making class at Preserving Place here in Atlanta. I’ve taught friends one-on-one before, and of course I have my Skillshare class, but teaching people in real life was such a thrill.

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  • Ridin’ Dirty: 48 Hours in Milan, Italy
    24/04/15 Blog , Travel

    Ridin’ Dirty: 48 Hours in Milan, Italy

    So, last week I went to Italy for the first time. Scratch that, I left the country for the first time. Oh, and, I was totally alone.

    Ford invited me on a press trip to visit their exhibition at Salone del Mobile, the world’s largest furniture trade show. Obviously I said yes, because it sounded really exciting—I asked if could bring someone else from Paste, and they said no. But I still wanted to go. I got advice from several of my friends, nervously photographed my passport and ID, and then waited for the day to arrive. Horror movies are of course fiction, but I kept worrying I was going to get robbed or Taken. I took several years of Italian in college but have forgotten most of it at this point (never got a chance to use it).

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  • The Importance of Giving Design Interns a Creative Challenge
    07/04/15 Blog

    The Importance of Giving Design Interns a Creative Challenge

    In college I was lucky enough to have five different design internships. My classmates had their own internships with different companies, and we’d often discuss them in class. So many of my now-colleagues felt bored in their internships, they felt like pixel pushers, and they didn’t feel fulfilled at the end of the program.

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  • Making Dumplings by Hand
    19/03/15 Blog , Food

    Making Dumplings by Hand

    A few years ago Alyssa and I went to a dumpling-making class in Athens—the two of us and about ten other people stood around a commercial kitchen table while a guy taught us how to mix the filling, roll out the wrappers, stuff, and seal. 12 people each making dumplings at once yielded far too many for anyone to eat, but they were just too delicious to quit.

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  • We started a pie blog!
    14/03/15 Blog

    We started a pie blog!

    Darcy and I love collaborating—she wants a culinary creative outlet outside of her day job, and I want an excuse to really get in and learn some calligraphy and practice my food photography. We figured this would be the best way to combine those skills! The idea is to get up to posting one pie a week, but since we live in different cities it’ll probably be monthly for the time being.

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  • Chattanooga, the Land of 1000 Puns
    03/03/15 Blog , Photography , Travel

    Chattanooga, the Land of 1000 Puns

    I’ve been hesitant to travel long distances ever since my car starting having issues six months ago, but last week I got myself a AAA subscription and decided it was time to hit the road. Off to Chattanooga!

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