Literal Band Logos: Daytrotter Edition

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Literal band logos were a project started by the graphic designer at Paste before me, Laura Medina—every month for several months she would pull names from album releases and create these literal representations of them, and ask readers to guess what the band names were. She had me do a few as an ...


Croatia: The Gourmet Coast

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Really loved working on this map of Croatia for the travel section—we wrote a story on how Croatia is just totally loaded with delicious food and wine, all up and down the coast. I featured some prosciutto, cheeses, truffles, and wines, and then paired them with some hand done type and other icons ...


365 Days of Literally Just Drawing Shit

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So, I'm starting a new project based on drawing shit. Literally. In 2011, I was struggling to come up with a 365 project to practice my skills—I wanted something unique and funny. My friend waved off my anxiety, saying "just draw some shit, okay?" I took it to heart. I felt like it was the answer. ...