Turn Down for What The Hell is Going on: A Weekend in Whatever USA

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I spent the better part of last week in cars, planes, trains, and buses, sleeping on cots and couches and hotel beds. The first part of the week I attended Hopscotch Festival's inaugural design conference in Raleigh, NC, and you can check out my liveblog for Paste here. After Hopscotch was over, I ...


Moving Portraits

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I started making these portraits of my friends recently—they're based on still images but basically rotoscoped to look like they're moving. Somewhere between Vine portraits and blind contour, these wiggly-weird mugs capture more life and movement than just a still photo. The shading and lightening is ...


Summer in the Holy City

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Visiting Charleston, SC in the middle of August probably wasn't the best idea, but we had such a fun time—Ryan and I made the drive anyway to the Holy City, for a three-day stay at the Notso Hostel. The hostel was really cool, and I recommend it to anyone visiting Charleston. The building ...