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Building a Pallet Table by Hand

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When we moved into our current house, it came with this rustic wooden table in the backyard—I loved it; we could fit many people around the table and used it in various cookouts. Over a couple months, it began to sag on its legs through rainstorms, icy cold and blistering hot weather, and about a ...


Can We Just Talk About Adobe Shape For a Minute

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I downloaded all of the Adobe CC apps when they first came out, didn't use them much, and ended up deleting them to make room for more pictures of my dog. Fast-forward to this week, when my computer started acting up and I had to leave it with Apple support for the week. I need to keep working on my ...

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The Paste Parlour Dinner Series

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Back at the beginning of May, I was in Chicago for the HOW Design Live conference. It was amazing — I'd never been to the conference before, and have always wanted to go. I got to see some of my favorite, most inspiring designers speak up close, and was totally in awe. During the week, we put on a ...