Fresh Eats Food Shuttle—Redefining Food Deserts

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Just nearly a year ago I went to see Jon Fasman from The Economist speak in Atlanta about "why it's expensive to be poor", and he spoke specifically about food deserts. This was a concept I'd never heard of before—in nutshell, a food desert is an area of a city or town where the residents don't have ...


Trying out the Tube Pasta Machine

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I finally got to take my new Christmas present for a ride this weekend (after a very scary trip to the emergency vet with my dog), and make some tube pasta—that's right, penne, rigatoni, buccatini, the works. Whenever I'm trying out a new tool, I like to find YouTube videos of someone else using the ...


Guest Post: Ryan Splitlog’s Best of 2014

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2015 is just around the corner. Before we start promising ourselves to start going to the gym, to start eating more vegetables, and to start living our lives differently, it's also fun to look back on the people we were the past year. For me, the past year was marked by music. Music music music. ...