Rebrand a Band Series

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I decided to assign myself a weekly project at the beginning of the year—rebranding some of our favorite bands. Branding is one of the tougher feats to achieve for a musician, given that your talent is auditory, not visual. A musician or group will spend months, even years working on new material and ...


Making Dumplings by Hand

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A few years ago Alyssa and I went to a dumpling-making class in Athens—the two of us and about ten other people stood around a commercial kitchen table while a guy taught us how to mix the filling, roll out the wrappers, stuff, and seal. 12 people each making dumplings at once yielded far too many for ...


We started a pie blog!

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Darcy and I love collaborating—she wants a culinary creative outlet outside of her day job, and I want an excuse to really get in and learn some calligraphy and practice my food photography. We figured this would be the best way to combine those skills! The idea is to get up to posting one pie a week, ...