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The Importance of Giving Design Interns a Creative Challenge

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In college I was lucky enough to have five different design internships. My classmates had their own internships with different companies, and we’d often discuss them in class. So many of my now-colleagues felt bored in their internships, they felt like pixel pushers, and they didn’t feel ...


Rebrand a Band Series

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I decided to assign myself a weekly project at the beginning of the year—rebranding some of our favorite bands. Branding is one of the tougher feats to achieve for a musician, given that your talent is auditory, not visual. A musician or group will spend months, even years working on new material and ...


Making Dumplings by Hand

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A few years ago Alyssa and I went to a dumpling-making class in Athens—the two of us and about ten other people stood around a commercial kitchen table while a guy taught us how to mix the filling, roll out the wrappers, stuff, and seal. 12 people each making dumplings at once yielded far too many for ...