• DIY: Typographic Guess Who
    07/05/18 Blog

    DIY: Typographic Guess Who

    Okay, remember Guess Who? It may have been awhile since you last played, so here’s a refresher:

    • You start with all of the tiles up, your own card in front

    • You ask your opponent questions about who is on their card, and use your tiles essentially as notes. “Does your person have glasses?” “Is your person wearing a hat?” depending on their answer, you turn over tiles until you only have one or two remaining, and then you can guess.

    I thought this would be a really great way to experiment with those learning typography. You could ask questions like “Does your typeface have slab serifs?” “Is it a script typeface?” You’d both need to be able to use type anatomy and your knowledge of type anatomy to win. Since you can’t exactly buy a blank Guess Who board, I decided to make my own:

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  • 15+ Places to Learn Something New in 2018
    05/03/18 Blog

    15+ Places to Learn Something New in 2018

    I started 2018 with a resolution to pick up some new skills; to break out of my comfort zone and try something new. I couldn’t find a good list of workshops and classes in the Atlanta area, so I decided to put this one together. Enjoy! Continue reading

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  • The Great Macaroni n’ Cheese Taste-Off Competition
    03/03/18 Uncategorized

    The Great Macaroni n’ Cheese Taste-Off Competition

    Hello, it’s me—your weird friend who loves throwing elaborate theme parties and always starts them exactly on time. Shouts out to the people who’ve learned this about me and have started coming to things at the exact start time on the Facebook event. You are the true heroes.

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  • 6 Rules to Thrift By
    05/02/18 Blog

    6 Rules to Thrift By

    If you know me, you know I like to thrift — a lot. I’ve been hanging out in thrift stores since I could drive, but I really kicked it up a notch when we bought our first home. We basically outfitted out entire house from thrift stores, auctions, and Craigslist. I always have a new toy or cute outfit from a thrift store.

    I love buying things secondhand. It makes me feel good keeping things out of landfills, and getting products that were only used once and then tossed. Sometimes I think about doing that challenge where you don’t buy anything new for a year.

    Anyway, people always ask how I find awesome stuff when I’m out thrifting. Some thrift stores aren’t necessarily better than others, it’s just all about how you search.  I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it, and here are my biggest tips:

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  • How to Build Your Own Snack Stadium
    15/01/18 Blog

    How to Build Your Own Snack Stadium

    I have this funny stadium-shaped dish I found at a Goodwill a few years ago and only break it out for the rare occasions when I am a. watching football and b. am excited enough to make snacks. When I brought it over to Rachel’s for the game last week, she told me about snack stadiums. With the Super Bowl coming up, I knew I wanted to make my own.

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  • Come stay in some of the Coolest AirBNBs in Atlanta
    16/11/17 Blog

    Come stay in some of the Coolest AirBNBs in Atlanta

    Sure, you could stay in a room in someone’s regular house when you visit Atlanta, but why not one of these? As for someone that lives here in the city, I think it’s time for a staycation! Alpacas, anyone?

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  • The Great LaCroix Taste-Off
    28/09/17 Blog

    The Great LaCroix Taste-Off

    I remember when I was thirteen or fourteen and used to babysit for the kid across the street and his parents’ fridge was full of LaCroix. The mom would offer me one when I came over and I would turn up my nose, disgusted—bubbly water? No sugar? No flavor? No thanks. I’ll take seven of those sodas instead.

    Fast-forward about ten years, and club soda is all I want to drink. It helped me drink less beer because it was something else to hold in my hand and crack open with the cold ssssssssssss sound of the carbonation rushing out. I know it’s trendy, but it’s delicious. I’ve had opinions about the stuff: coconut isn’t good and lime is pretty delicious, but every other flavor kind of fell into a void of “sure, it’s water, I’ll drink it.”

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  • Psychogeography with Dr. Holbrook’s Class
    13/09/17 Blog

    Psychogeography with Dr. Holbrook’s Class

    I’ve been interested in the concept of psychogeography since I saw this TED talk by Ari Venetikidis in 2012.  Continue reading

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  • Make Your Own DIY Mudcloth
    12/07/17 Blog

    Make Your Own DIY Mudcloth

    I’m collaborating with some close girlfriends on an upcoming engagement party we’re throwing—we’re doing a Moroccan dinner, and I volunteered to make custom-printed mudcloth fabric napkins for the occasion.

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  • Directory of Creative Women to Hire
    03/03/17 Blog

    Directory of Creative Women to Hire

    I’m inspired every single day to know some of the most talented creatives out there, and I believe in hiring and working with friends (or building friendships in the process). This is a list in progress to start from when you’re looking for talent for a new project. Reach out to me here if you want to join the list, or want more information about some of the folks below.

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