Draw Your Neighborhood: New Collaborative Project at Root City Market

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We just finished another collaborative project at Root City Market! The Gist: Draw Your Neighborhood This time, I designed some postcards based off of your typical tourist postcard, and asked people to draw their neighborhoods on the back of them. Then, they were to flip the cards over, so the piece ...


App Concept: Out & About

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This happens to me a lot. I'm out walking, I've parked my car, or I'm crossing a parking lot. Something is wrong—someone's window is open and it's raining, they have an iPad sitting on the front seat in plain view, or they're in a spot that will definitely get them ticketed (the third was all too ...

Cover Photo Career DAy

Insights from Career Day

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Last week I was invited to be a career day motivational speaker for my old high school, Henry W. Grady High School here in Atlanta. It's kind of an odd ball place, being an inner-city public school. The income levels of the students' families range from millionaires to impoverished; some students I had ...