Exploring the Ethnic Neighborhoods of NYC

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Ahh, my first map in what feels like ages is finally finished—this one is for our brand new Travel section at Paste, and I'm so thrilled I'll have a chance to start making maps on maps on maps. I also did the lettering for this one by hand, with some new Illustrator tricks I picked up ...


The Evolution of the Hipster: 2010—2015

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Last month or so we finally published our "Evolution of a Hipster" photo project. It's a follow up to this one from 2009. I used Jess from Lady Flashback and Ryan Vogel as models, with Maddy Booth from SCAD as our photographer. Brittany and I produced and managed the shoot, wrote the copy, and I created ...

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Learn Sign Painting With These Resources

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I've been hunting around, trying to learn more about sign painting. Specifically, this type of sign painting: My usual haunts, like Skillshare, Coursera, and Lynda, don't have any classes for sign painting on their sites. I've been figuring it out on the go, trying out different types of paints ...