“Goddamnit, I love this city.” 

Sarah Lawrence is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and strategist working in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating with a BFA in graphic design from the University of Georgia, she returned home to Atlanta to work for Paste Magazine, before eventually going out on her own.

When asked, “What is your inspiration?” many creatives cite the work of visionaries that came before them, their contemporaries, or eras and cultures throughout history. For Sarah, it is these sources but even more so, her muse is her home—the city of Atlanta. And here, she’s become known for her ability to call attention to what makes a place special.

It’s clear in the work she selects and the projects she takes on where her heart is (Atlanta), what her passions are (civic rights, food), and what drives her (a particular intersection of topic and challenge). Sarah’s work is a celebration of collaboration and inclusivity—and often, it’s a two way conversation between herself and everybody that encounters her work.

“Sarah is like if Refinery29 meets Tim & Eric” 

Selected Press

Unladylike Media, 9.25.2018

Fast Company (print edition), Summer 2018

ThreadATL, 8.15.2017

Babes Who Hustle, 6.13.2017

Print Magazine, 6.4.2017

Figure and Ground, 5.6.2017

Racked, 12.13.2016

VoyageATL, 11.12.2016

Quipsologies, 4.25.2016

Creative Loafing ATL, 4.4.2016, 1.12.2016, and 11.25.2016 

Yen Mag (December 2015 print edition)

CommonCreativ Atlanta, 9.9.2015

Bustle, 6.12.2015

Mashable, 5.7.2015

Laughing Squid, 5.5.2015

Design Taxi, 5.1.2015

Gizmodo, 10.14.14

Laughing Squid, 10.14.14

The Atlantic Cities, 5.3.2013


Co-Founder of I SPY ATL

Collaborator on Typelanta

Won an award at UGA for having the best online portfolio

Attended the Georgia Governor’s Honors program in the summer of 2008

Showed a senior fashion collection at Grady High School in 2009
(originally wanted to be a fashion designer!)

Managed Grady’s news show, GNN, from 2008—2009 (we won a national award!)

Member of

Creative Lady Directory

AIGA’s Professional Development Committee

The ARC’s Millennial Advisory Committee

Atlanta Ladypreneur League


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